The Battle In My Mind


It’s really annoying. I feel like sometimes my mind just takes over. Everything in my life is going fine and one day I’ll just start thinking about horrible things and spend hours worrying and feeling unhappy. For example, today, it’s Friday, I have a nice weekend planned, everything’s going great with my boyfriend but yet I feel like I’ve spent most of the day worrying about when he goes away in summer for a week with his friends.

I wish I could try and stay more positive and think happy thoughts a lot more but it can be very hard. It feels like I am at war with myself. I know I have nothing to worry about but yet I still do. It brings me down a lot. Imagining awful things happening. I try to remind myself that everything is OK and that I have nothing to worry about but it’s a habit I can’t seem to kick.

I hope one day I can look realistically at these thoughts and somehow manage to divert them. I want to be able to be happy about what I have and not worry that it will be taken away from me.


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