You’re not a monster



I know it’s hard to believe, especially when you’re feeling low, but you’re not a bad person. I felt for years, especially after being told by an ex-boyfriend, that I genuinely was. I thought that being jealous when in a relationship made me a horrible person and would often get really upset and down about it.

I decided to go and talk to a counsellor earlier this year after I was feeling quite miserable for a few weeks. She helped me so much. I’ve learned that I am not a bad person. I have insecurity issues from my childhood which has led to me feeling like this. I felt a relief in knowing that it wasn’t entirely my fault, that I was feeling this way for a reason. Her explanation of possible causes for my jealousy helped me to understand my emotions and understanding them often takes the power from them.

I know it’s hard to always think rationally when you feel the anxiety and jealousy building up but try your best to think about why you’re feeling like this? Is there something that has happened in you past that may be making you feel like this? Is it possible you may have abandonment issues? Have you been affected by your parents fighting/breaking up? Are you used to having things taken away from you? I know for me, the answer to all of these questions is yes.  Yes, I haven’t had the most brilliant childhood ever, but I’ve done brilliantly considering and need to start giving myself a bit of credit.

Stay positive and as Jess Glynne says “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”.






4 thoughts on “You’re not a monster

  1. Sounds like excellent advice to me. I’d go further – be really, really nice to yourself. Once you can even start loving yourself, you’ll be able to see why other people find you loveable and want to stick around.
    Thanks for the follow, by the way 🙂


  2. Be nice to yourself and also what is really important be nice to other people, you never know what influence you are doing in this way. For other people and for yourself. And i believe no one is good or bad only, no one is perfect and no one have to be perfect for sure 🙂

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